Measuring a Field

Knowing the area of your fields in acres or hectares is useful for ordering fertilizer and lime, to calculate holding capacity for rotational or static grazing, and to estimate the yield of hay cuttings. Almost any field, even odd-shaped fields, can be broken up into a combination of rectangles and triangles. If you measure the length and width of the rectangles and the sides of the triangles with a measuring wheel, steel tape, pedometer, or by pacing off the distances, you can use these calculators to find the size of your fields.

Select your unit of measurement:


This calculator will give you the area of a triangle from the lengths of the three sides. The triangle need not be a right triangle, and the order of the sides is not significant.
x side y side z side acres hectares


The areas of the rectangles are easy to calculate (a × b). Here's a calculator:
length width acres hectares

Total Area

To calculate the total area of your field, add up all the triangles and rectangles.
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